KLABU Clubhouse

"We are like you, we have dreams, we have goals we want to achieve in life. We are all human." Lilian (25) Refugee

When refugees flee their home, they leave everything behind: family, friends, belongings. Waiting to return home in safety or be resettled can take years and in the meantime, refugees wait. Education and employment are hard to find, frustration sets in and the talent and potential of young people is wasted.

Sports cannot solve all these problems, but it can help connect refugees and locals living in these new communities, create meaningful engagement, boost health and well-being (especially in times of Corona), and build bridges across borders. 

Power of sports

KLABU builds sturdy and multi-use Clubhouses in refugee settlements that provide young athletes with access to high-quality sports equipment and sportswear.
Every Clubhouse can sustain around 10,000 members to play the most popular sports and games, through an innovative library system. The Clubhouse is owned and managed by the local community: it’s their KLABU.

The KLABU model

Movement on the Ground (MOTG) & KLABU have decided to join forces. MOTG has extensive experience working with refugees in Greece and has a fixed presence in Lesbos. KLABU helps refugees connect and unite through sports. 
Together they make a great team and have the ambition to build a KLABU Clubhouse at Lesbos.


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