Get involved

"No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted"




Walk with us and raise money through your own family, friends and why not, your own sponsors :). The minimum to participate is 50 EUR. Our sponsors have offered some nice extra's if you raise more money 🤑.


When you register you will be asked to:

  • Reserve your start time in our Google Spreadsheet

  • A donation paid with your credit card 

  • You contact details


What you will get:

  • A wristband to show you are an official walker of 24Lesbos

  • A warm welcome, coffee and tea from our volunteers

  • If you donate 200 EUR or more a portrait from our photographer Michiel Stock on the day itself

  • If you donate 250 EUR or more you receive a shirt from KLABU

  • If you donate 500 EUR or more you receive a shirt from KLABU and fleece jacket from CORTAZU

  • Cortazu will donate 50% of its sales on the 30th of January to 24Lesbos and offers every walker a discount of 20% on its collection on the 30th of January

  • A chance to make a difference


Come join us for as many rounds as you like. 


Actions speak louder than a thousand words!

How far do you think you can go?


Walk with us



Sponsor one of our walkers for a fixed amount per lap. Click on the link below to select which walker you want to sponsor and for what amount. If you sponsor more than 30 EUR per lap you will receive a Klabu shirt at home.


Sponsor a lap


Any additional help is appreciated. Can you help us?

  • We need people to man our xhome base at Cortazu HQ near the Vondelpark

  • We need supplies like power bars, coffee, bananas, Gatorade etc. for our walkers 

  • We need first aid at our home base to help with the blisters

  • We need special backpacks to serve warm drinks for our walkers

  • We need people to cheer us on during our walk!

  • Any other ideas are more than welcome!

What else can you do?