24 hour walk

“When we do sports, I can play with the Somalis, the Sudanese, the Burundians, the Rwandese, Ethiopians. Because we are together.”

We will walk 24 hours in the Vondelpark to create awareness and raise money for the people in Lesbos. 
The goal is to raise EUR 10.000,- to build a KLABU Clubhouse on Lesbos.
You can join for 24 hours but also for one round. Up to you!

The walk

Start: Friday the 29th of January at 17:00 PM

Finish: Saturday the 30th of January at 17:00 PM



The Vondelpark. Our start and finish point will be at Cortazu HQ. Address: Van Eeghenstraat 96, Amsterdam. You will be welcomed by our volunteers at your start time, at Cortazu's HQ.


Mobile_KLABU_Hoops (1).jpg
Together with Movement on the Ground and Klabu we want to build a Clubhouse at Lesbos.


A Clubhouse provides young athletes with access to high-quality sports equipment and sportswear. Every Clubhouse can sustain around 10,000 members to play the most popular sports and games.


The Clubhouse is solar powered and provides electricity and WiFi for the community. The Clubhouse is open to all nationalities, ages and genders. 



The goal

Yes you can! You can join our 24 hour walkers and see how far and long your legs will take you :).
But don't worry you can also join us for just one round or a few hours. 

Can I join?

Yes. We partner with Movement on the Ground and KLABU to raise money to build a clubhouse at Lesbos. MOTG has been helping refugees since 2015 at Lesbos and has people working in Lesbos.
KLABU was founded in 2019 and is on a mission to build the biggest club in the world. A club that unlocks the power and joy of sports for the overlooked, in refugee camps and beyond.
MOTG and KLABU form a great team to support the refugees at Lesbos.

Is this legit?

Glad you asked! Yes you can :). Check out our "Get involved" section to see how you can help. 

How can I help?

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We follow all necessary guidelines provided by the government. We ask all of our participants to only start at their time slot and walk with a maximum number of two people. 
All of our volunteers will be wearing masks and keep a distance of 1.5 meters.